About James Hart Equiceuticals

James Hart

James Hart equiceuticals are manufactured, distributed and exported by Ethical Extracts Ltd, a boutique NZ herbal company, based in Tauranga. Our products have been developed and refined over thirty years by internationally acclaimed herbalists and horse breeders James and Vanessa Hart. Both have a wealth of experience in both animal herbal medicine and the equine industry. They understand the needs of horse owners and have designed the James Hart equiceutical range to help with a range of situations.

Unlike other companies that simply import and rebadge other companies’s products Ethical Extracts manufactures our own, enabling a first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing process, the control over it. We craft our products with an insight of the requirements of the international equine market. We also unique in that we have the ability to develop and supply bespoke herbal extracts upon request.

Your horse deserves the best

Our philosophy is to provide unadulterated natural and potent products, and manufacture them to human grade. Where other products are vague or absent regarding information on their product quality, contents and strength, we state ours with confidence right on the label. All James Hart extracts are made to a strength of 1:2, the most potent on the market. This means that each kilo of plant is extracted into 2 litres of liquid, the most potent on the market. In this case an alcohol mix. We only use the freshest of ingredients and do not use any artificial fillers.

James is a regular contributor for the NZ Horse and Pony magazine and is one of NZ Horse and Pony magazine’s panel of experts. Vanessa was a regular contributor for the Avena Magazine, the official Journal for the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.

James Hart equiceuticals are used internationally, by riders and horse owners of all levels, across all disciplines, and by stables and horse studs of all sizes. They have also been used for the wellbeing of horses during the production of movies including Peter Jackson's block buster movie trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings' where horses played a central role in its massive international success.